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Did you just graduate and don’t know what to do next? Are you feeling you need (and deserve) a 6-months experience abroad but Europe is not really an option? We have the perfect program for you!

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Coming to Canada to learn English has been very popular for thousands of international students. But what if we told you we have an innovative 3-6 months program where you will be able to not just practice your English but enter a life-changing experience where you will learn the most exciting and innovative technology and digital skills at the same time you create your own entrepreneurial project that you will be able to present and make sustainable.

The Urban GAP is designed to live in Vancouver for 3 to 6 months and experience the city and its surroundings like a local.

You will stay with a local middle-class family to experience how Canadians or new Canadians live, day to day. You will be able to move around the city like locals do, with public transit. Transit in Vancouver is safe, fun, and easy to use! There are various means of transportation including buses, SkyTrains, and the SeaBus. You will get to experience all of them, just like locals do!

What are you going to learn during your time at The Urban Gap?

  • English
  • Wellness
  • Technology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Life Skills
  • Canadian Culture and Life Style

A Day in the Life...

The Wellness Lab

Healing and transformation can only happen when we bring the mind, body and spirit together. The Urban Camp created THE WELLNESS LAB, a program designed to provide you with the latest techniques in meditation, breath therapy, laugh therapy, fitness and overall well-being habits so that you can achieve optimum health and wellness.

This wellness program takes place every morning in a safe and caring environment where everyone can feel understood, seen, and heard. During the first month at The Wellness Lab we will all sweat, relax, laugh, breathe, and Ommm together. After that, you will be able to join local studios, gyms, and local teams/groups so you can mingle with local people from different backgrounds and start connections. We are all a work-in-progress. Let’s make sure we create a better version of ourselves every day.

After our morning exercise we will continue with English lessons.


During the course of the months you will be able to practice your English in a conversation-style club. We will change the topics according to what you will be working on each month.

  • Month 1 – Intro to Canadian culture and lifestyle
  • Month 2 – Vancouver as a Tech Hub and entrepreneurial incubator
  • Month 3 – Project
  • Month 4 – Project
  • Month 5 – IELTS Preparation
  • Month 6 – IELTS Test + Project


Time for brainstorming, meetings, team building and/or co-work.

Lunch Time

Afternoon Work

  • Technology 1
  • Entrepreneurship 1
  • Afternoon Wisdom

Free Time and Dinner

On some occasions and depending on the season we will take you to special events, talks, and organized visits and activities.

What does a weekend look like at The Urban GAP?

Once a month we will take you on an excursion to visit Vancouver’s surroundings and other cities or towns in British Columbia.

On the other weekends we will suggest things to do, based on what events are happening in Vancouver at that time, but feel free to sleep in and explore the city or any other city at your own pace.

This program is designed to let you experience Canada like a local, while immersing yourself in Canadian culture. At the same time you will practice your English, make new friends and connections, discover the vibrant Tech culture and learn different skills. You will be able to develop your Big Idea throughout the months while being mentored and supported. The wellness and life skills component is to get you ready to start a new life independently.


3-6 months


15-18 years old

Required English level: A2 +


On Campus


Did you know British Columbia is the #1 Startup Ecosystem in Canada and the top 15 globally? You will discover the big fuss around Tech, entrepreneurship, and everything Vancouver and its surroundings have to offer. You will love this program so much; we can almost guarantee you will stay to study the program you love the most. And perhaps open your Startup? You never know. Either way, we are here to guide and support you.