Fundamentals of Coding

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Start with the basics then dive deep with hands-on training and guidance. This introduction to programming starts with theory on programming basics and building websites. It is structured to give you a strong foundation to utilize programming in your career. After the course, you have the option to use your new tools to make a basic Web App which our developers will review with you.


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You will learn the basics of building web pages including the nature of HTML & CSS. You will learn to use components of a document: divs, span, tables, lists. You will use CSS to bring life to pages by styling, colour, typography and layout. Finally, you will explore a framework, Bootstrap, providing pre-built CSS.

Students will dive into a programming language that is widely regarded as the most popular.

A real-time database, Google’s mobile platform that helps quickly develop high-quality apps.

Learning Objectives

Graduates come away with some understanding of JavaScript, CSS and HTML, and Google Firebase.


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Ian McKinnon
Programming Web + App Instructor

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What will I learn at The Urban Camp?

Our program teaches you how to make a web application that stores information and interacts with its visitors . The course starts with a brief overview of the programming basics and website building fundamentals. The focus will be on building a strong understanding of HTML and CSS, which are considered two of the fundamental coding languages. You will learn a combination of web development skills and tools used by Web Developers in real life!

Are there any homework hours despite the 45 hours course?

Yes. Students can expect to spend an average of 10 hours per week on homework.

Why Coding?

Coding is a valuable skill to have in general. Students learn to face problems and obstacles and coding teaches persistence. Persistence to solve a problem and try different solutions until they find the right one. Also, when students learn to code, they gain structural thinking skills. Coding not only helps to understand computer programs but also helps to see the big picture when given a task.

Which is the best programming language for children and youth?

There are many popular programming languages available. Students can choose one according to their age (and experience). The best way to start is with visual programming languages. We recommend that students start using code-based language like our C3D programming platform. After they have mastered the basics, they can switch to text-based coding.

How much time does a person need to learn to code?

Students in Canada are starting to learn to code at 6 years old. You can expect appreciable results with coding lessons in a few weeks.

Is JavaScript a programming language?

Yes. JavaScript or JS is a programming language and one of the core technologies of the WWW along with HTML and CSS.

Does Coding improve my confidence?

Absolutely. Learning to code gives you that exciting feeling when you complete a hard project or when you solve a problem. Coding will make you feel empowered and having the feeling of belonging in the tech industry is very cool. You understand the language, you get to hang with the cool people.

What are the advantages of Coding?

As we said, it not only improves many areas of your life in general but it is also very beneficial for your career. High paying jobs, flexibility, work for very cool companies or even start your own Startup! Oh, and before we forget: Coding is recession-proof!

How much does a Coder make?

Coding and Programming careers have great earning potential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2020 the median annual salary is:

  • Web Developers $77,200 USD a year
  • Computer Programmers $89,190 USD a year
  • Software Developers $110, 140 USD a year

And what is the difference between Coding and Programming?

Coding involves creating instructions in a language that a machine can understand, in order to make that machine perform certain actions.

Development involves creating and/or maintaining an entire product, such as a website or an app.

Why study web development?

Customers have grown accustomed to communicating with businesses digitally and expect to find any brand or business online. Nowadays web and mobile development are considered premium skills since most companies are investing in and expanding their online presence. Not only must this online presence instill trust, it must also offer the best user experience possible.

In an ever-changing digital landscape, this means having a reactive and proactive team of professionals that know about the latest trends. Although there are different types of developers (the most common ones being the front-end, back-end and full-stack developers), be aware that whatever path you choose to pursue, getting into this business involves learning, practicing and trial-and-error projects.


15 weeks.

Terms start:

  • September
  • January
  • March


14+ years old

English level of B2 and up required
Spanish version offered


Online + On-Campus Hub
(Due to COVID-19, all programs are currently being held online).


A laptop or computer (Mac or PC)
Internet connexion


This course is offered in English and Spanish.


Did you know that after a Web Development Bootcamp (14 weeks) graduates are employed by leading tech employers across Canada, including employers like Amazon, SAP, Broadridge, Unbounce, Modern Advisor, and many more? They also have a 96% placement rate after three months of the completion of their program.
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