Intensive Pre University Programs


Price: from $2959.90 CAD –> 4 weeks course only

Price from $5,000 CAD –> 4-week Intensive Program, Accommodation, Meals, Induction, Insurance, Custodianship, Activities and one Excursion to Whistler.

Please get in touch with us for more information and details about the STUDIOS.

In collaboration with Emily Carr and Summer Institute for Teens (SIT) this is an intensive pre-university program featuring small studios taught by professional, practicing artists to prepare Urban Artists for the next step in their creative careers.

Become an Urban Creator/Artist and get ready for University Life!

To secure your spot, a non-refundable payment of $500 is to be made at the time of registration and will be accredited towards the tuition. 

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The Summer Institute for Teens (SIT) is an intensive pre-university program featuring small classes taught by professional, practicing artists to prepare Urban Artists for the next step in their creative careers.
This immersive, one-month experience engages Urban Campers through intensive studio practice and visual culture. Studio practice is complemented by guest artist talks, in-class discussions and critiques, and field trips to engage with Vancouver’s diverse art and design community.

The program culminates with a public exhibition of student work in Emily Carr’s Michael O’Brian Exhibition Commons.


2D Animation

Bring your artwork to life through traditional and stop-motion animation. Create your 2D animations using original drawings and build vivid digital environments and characters using Adobe software. You will be introduced to fundamental animation principles and learn to observe and analyze movement in everyday life. Learn to consider timing, mass & volume, matter and rhythm towards creating realistic animated motion. Through hands-on exercises, you will gain experience with stop-motion and computer animation techniques and workflows and produce short films for your portfolio.

Architecture and Environmental Design

Investigate architecture and its surroundings through hands-on model-making, technical drawing and creative problem-solving in this practical studio course. You will consider buildings, spaces, and landscapes from a design perspective through intensive site analysis. You will become familiar with drafting tools and conventions and learn how to create plans, sections and architectural elevations, as well as how to translate those drawings into scale models. By the end of the program, you will have completed a site study and built a model for your portfolio.

Communication Design

Communication Design plays a significant role in our everyday lives, guiding interaction and communication in both physical and digital forms. In the Communication Design Studio, you will develop visualization skills and creative thinking through a mix of experiments in various forms and media. As you learn a visual language, design principles, and thinking methods, the program also provides experiences exploring contemporary issues and concepts and examining how designers contribute from commercial design to social awareness campaigns.

Creative Coding and Web Design

Express yourself by using programming to create digital media art and interactive designs. Expand your creative possibilities as you learn to understand programming as an artistic medium and become familiar with common web programming languages. Through​ a variety of projects, you will learn to develop interactive experiences for the web and apply programming concepts to create interactive web apps, generative art, and data visualizations. By the end of the program, students will have developed foundational coding and problem-solving skills, and be equipped to implement their creative design concepts using javascript and p5.js.

Digital Filmmaking

Explore narrative and visual storytelling as you shoot, edit and produce a range of work both individually and collaboratively. Learn the basics of screenwriting, storyboarding and directing as well as technical production skills. Discussions will focus on how video has evolved with new technology, audiences and platforms, as well as the influence of society and culture.


Explore how you see the world around you with traditional, technical and experimental drawing processes. Through various drawing methodologies investigate and apply a variety of drawing media and approaches to elevate your work and extend your comfort zone. Learn to work with graphite, ink, conté, charcoal and pastel as you further develop your technique and style. Create a variety of large-scale representational drawings, abstract compositions and sketches for your portfolio.

Game Design

Bring your storytelling to the next level through game art + design! In this fun studio, you will learn the fundamentals of game design and how to communicate your ideas in this interactive medium. You will apply linear and non-linear storytelling techniques to develop a story concept and use visual design principles to develop the look and feel of your game. You will learn simple coding and programming skills to prototype game mechanics, develop creative problem-solving skills, become familiar with the design process as it applies to video games, and learn how to apply basic UX design methods to achieve a fun and positive user experience in your game.


Broaden your illustration knowledge and creative potential through various projects using traditional and digital media. Create detailed and stylized illustrations that communicate ideas, capture characters and envision imaginary spaces. Future illustrators, animators, graphic novelists or fine artists are invited to learn traditional and digital illustration techniques as they develop their style and grow their body of work.

Industrial Design

Discover how sustainable and human-centred design can positively impact the world around us. This studio introduces the core values, application and potential of Industrial Design through prototyping and case studies of product design. You will learn technical drawing, CAD software, and model-making alongside principles of accessibility, ergonomics, material innovation and ecological concerns.


Investigate how observed and imaginary spaces can be represented with acrylic paint and mixed media. Challenge yourself to take new approaches to your work. Build technical skills through rigorous exercises in paint application, brush strokes, composition, and colour theory. Historical and contemporary practices will be considered.

UX Design For Teens

Engage your creativity and expand your design skills in this exciting studio! Through practical assignments and design sprints, you will become familiar with the design thinking process, grow your visual literacy skills and learn to design through the lens of accessibility and usability to create engaging user experiences. You will learn to use observation, research and empathy to understand your user’s needs and use UX Design tools to build mock-ups to test the user experience of your designs. By the end of the program, you will be equipped with transferable problem-solving skills and a foundational understanding of how human-centred design can positively impact the world around you.

All Studios get together on Wednesdays in the main theatre to work and discuss different topics and learn from Guest Speakers on different scopes

Creative Practices & Society

Artists and designers have the unique opportunity to impact communities and society. This innovative course introduces young creative practitioners to contemporary issues explored through a variety of art, media and design practices. Supported by in-class discussions and artist talks, students will consider the various intersections of politics, society and culture through the lens of art and design.

Professional Practices

Professional Practice is a workshop- and lecture-based course that provides hands-on demonstrations, information and context for young artists, designers and media creatives to build their emerging practices. Students will learn and employ practical, cross-disciplinary skills as they explore the multitude of ways to work in art and design. Students will gain experience writing about creative practices and curating an art exhibition while exploring different career options in art and design. Students will also learn what it takes to create a strong portfolio.

Students from all studios are encouraged to join a committee in order to curate and organize the final event. The Exhibition, where everybody’s work and projects are displayed to the public.


How big are the studios?

All studios are limited to 16 students. Expect to share the classroom with Canadian students and with students from around the world.

Are there language requirements for this camp?

All classes are taught in English. Students whose first language is not English should note that they are required to be proficient in written and spoken English and be able to participate in group discussions and presentations in English. As a guideline, Emily Carr expects students to have an IELTS score of 4.5 to 6.0 for lecture courses. We can help you upgrade your English language skills. Our Canadian instructors are more than willing to help. Get in touch with us.

Will students need to source their own materials?

It depends on the studio. The cost of materials will vary by studio, but on average, students can expect to spend up to $150 on studio-specific supplies. Please note that students are welcome to use materials they already have at home, provided such materials serve a similar purpose for their studio work.

What about Meals and Accommodation?

All our Urban Creatives stay at homestay, on campus or a combination of both to gain life experience.

Breakfast and dinner are included in the package, and lunch can be arranged too.

Are this studios all year long camps?

No, unfortunately, they only run in the summer. All July, to be more specific.

Are transportation costs, such as bus passes and other expenses, included in the tuition fee?

Urban Creators who buy the entire experience with The Urban Camp have access to transfers YVR airport-campus-YVR airport; local bus passes, Medical Insurance, TUC Swag Bag, accommodation, meals, after-camp activities (3 times a week for the first week) plus one excursion on the weekend of their choice.

What is the age range for these studios?

These studios are meant for teens 16-18 years old.

What about Staff from The Urban Camp. Do they join our teens during the 4-week camp?

An Urban Camp Team Member will be at the airport waiting for your teen’s arrival and take them to campus or Homestay. They will ensure that all Urban Creators know how to arrive at Emily Carr Campus on the first week of camp. We will also be present during the Welcome Assembly at Emily Carr on the first day. After class, our Activity Leader will pick up Urban Creators to take them downtown for a city tour.
On the first week of camp, our Activity Leader will take Urban Creators on activities around the city (3 times a week). One day during the weekend (Saturday or Sunday), Urban Creators will go on an excursion to Whistler. On the day of departure, a Team member will join them to help them at the airport and say goodbye.


4 weeks


16-18 years old
Required English level: IELTS score of 4.5 to 6.0


Small groups
(90% Canadian Students 10% International Students)


Homestay or Campus Dorms at University of British Columbia (UBC)