Innovation Odyssey. Shaping the Future Your Way

This educational program empowers participants with digital skills, technology project knowledge, and an introduction to innovation and entrepreneurship. This unique program includes a non-paid 5-day practicum to acquire knowledge and practice within a Canadian company (including The Urban Camp), which will be credited to their curriculum.

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This 28-day educational program focused on immersive and practical English, aimed at understanding and creating technology projects, digital skills, and an introduction to the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. At The Urban Camp, we introduce a basic wellness program, guest speakers, and visits to universities, colleges, and local and global companies. The program includes guided city tours to key points of interest and a full-day Whistler and Bowen Island excursion. As the final event, each student will participate in The Urban Innovation TALK (TED TALK-style). Four individuals will be selected for this program in early May 2024 to intern at The Urban Camp as Community Managers, Social Media Coordinators, Project Coordinators, and Team Leaders.



Live the experience of a different and innovative educational program in one of the top cities in the world. Students will practice English from a different perspective outside a traditional classroom setting. English will be used as a communication tool to explore Canadian culture, discover study opportunities in Canada, get to know local businesses, collaborate in teams, and present projects.



Academic: The experience of practicing the English language in an immersive way, where students apply the language in real and innovative projects. These projects help students feel more confident when speaking English while also learning and implementing the methods used by companies like Google, Amazon, Lego, etc., to conceive and develop digital products. Students gain vocabulary and can construct complete sentences with the correct verbs and tenses, all while training their ears to authentic accents they will encounter throughout their lives. Practicing English in real-life scenarios, in daily life at our Vancouver camp, helps boost each student’s confidence. At the same time, they acquire essential skills for navigating the world of technology and entrepreneurship. Another benefit is the practice of soft skills, among other most sought-after tools in the business world. Additionally, they will learn to work as a team and showcase their innate personal skills. All of these abilities are essential prerequisites for developing digital products (or services) in the future.

Practicum: Yes, a 5-day non-paid practicum is included! Each student will acquire knowledge to put into practice within a Canadian company (including The Urban Camp), which will be credited to their curriculum. The workshops and training will give them a deeper understanding of how a Canadian company is structured and the steps and processes involved in planning and operating various events focused on children and youth. These internships are “hands-on”. They will be learning and “working” with The Urban Camp Team before and during the program.

Tourism: Living in Vancouver like a local means exploring points of interest that most tourists never visit due to lack of time and because no one tells them to. During these four weeks, the purpose is to live as the locals do in the city and its surroundings. You will also have the opportunity to experience travelling by ferry and explore one of the islands in British Columbia.