Innovation Summit. Shaping the Future Your Way – July 2025

This educational program empowers participants with digital skills and technology project knowledge. This program is designed to utilize critical, logical, and analytical thinking, as well as to have the ability to adapt to any environment or dynamics and transform challenging moments into opportunities. We also designed it to engage the mind and imagination, think outside the box, and be able to coexist and work with people with different ways of thinking and performing.

Our Innovation Summit Program allows schools, institutions, and individual students to learn about and engage in the fascinating TECH industry and the Canadian startup ecosystem. 

Please reach out to us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the invitation process and the application procedures for the Innovation Program, with the possibility of being selected. Explore the criteria for advancement to the initial phase.

Limited spots per school are available!



Our program is an exciting academic and sports contest designed to accelerate our students’ careers in tech, entrepreneurship, and anything else they want to be. It is an excellent opportunity for carefully curated teams of schools, institutions and individual students ages 13-17 to spend a three-week program in Vancouver. 



The Urban Camp is about preparing students for real life. Our program allows schools, institutions, and individual students to learn about and engage in the fascinating TECH industry and the Canadian startup ecosystem. Participants experience a series of projects ranging from the circular economy, project management, product life cycle, design sprint, storytelling + pitch, public speaking, guest speakers, wellness workshops and sports in the vibrant village and valley in Whistler, a top winter skiing destination.



Academic: The experience of practicing the English language in an immersive way, where students apply the language in authentic and innovative projects. These projects help students feel more confident when speaking English while also learning and implementing the methods used by companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Lego, Airbnb, etc., to conceive and develop digital products. Students gain vocabulary and can construct complete sentences with the correct verbs and tenses, all while training their ears to authentic accents they will encounter throughout their lives. Practicing English in real-life scenarios and daily life at our Innovation Summit helps boost each student’s confidence. At the same time, they acquire essential skills for navigating the world of technology and entrepreneurship. Another benefit is the practice of soft skills, among other most sought-after tools in the business world. Additionally, they will learn to work as a team and showcase their innate personal skills. These abilities are essential prerequisites for developing digital products (or services) in the future.

Innovation Summit is a program in which participants can use their projects as portfolios to present in universities, for internship interviews, and for first-job interviews.

Tourism: Living in Vancouver like a local means exploring points of interest that most tourists never visit due to lack of time and because no one tells them to. During these three weeks, the purpose is to live as the locals do in the city and its surroundings. Participants will also have the opportunity to experience travelling by ferry and explore one of the islands in British Columbia.