The Urban Camp English+. An Immersive Experience.

Price: from $2700.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and rates (including group pricing). To secure your spot, a non-refundable payment of $500 is to be made at the time of registration and will be accredited towards the tuition.


Have you ever wondered how it is to live in Canada? During two weeks at The Urban Camp you will be able to live like a local and interact not only with native English speakers but with other people from different backgrounds and nationalities.

Our English+, Entrepreneurship, Tech, and Wellness Camp is designed to give you the opportunity to “Live Like a Local”, practice your English in an immersive way and gain entrepreneurial and technical skills, as well as to develop healthier habits through our Wellness Lab.

You’ll be able to apply all these skills to your future projects and life in general.


Please contact us for further payment options, if desired.




Our Vancouver Camps run for two weeks in Vancouver, BC, and the curriculum includes an English Language Immersive Experience, some essential Technology topics, and an intro to Entrepreneurship, Wellness, and Tourism are a big part of this fun, hands-on camp experience!


Healing and transformation can only happen when we bring together the mind, body and spirit. The Urban Camp created THE WELLNESS LAB, a program designed to provide you with the latest techniques in meditation, breath therapy, laugh therapy, fitness and overall well-being habits to achieve optimum health and wellness.

This wellness program takes place every morning in a safe and caring environment where everyone can feel understood, seen and heard. Our body remembers what our mind can’t, so let’s relax, laugh, breathe and Ommm together. We are all a work in progress. Let’s make sure we create a better version of ourselves daily.


  • Conversation Hub: Canadian Lifestyle and relevant affairs happening in Canada. We oversee topics in the tech industry (think video games, Vloggers, Bloggers, YouTubers) as well as sports, fashion, movies, Youth, + Self Esteem
  • Life experiences and survival and Life Skills
  • Learn by Doing – English using AI (Artificial Intelligence), field trips in the city and nature. You will be able to identify and understand accents and utilize the correct sentences for every occasion. Public speaking and how to answer the phone at your first job are part of this innovative English+ program.


Our entrepreneurship program, Littlepreneurs, is designed to start our Urban Campers in the “big ideas” world. The program begins with a Superpowers discovery workshop which sets the tone for the week(s) ahead.

We teach our Urban Campers How to Launch a Startup with $20.

We also go through Design Thinking. Prototyping. Storytelling. Pitch. Urban Campers will be able to participate in the organization of our Hackathon. Still, suppose we realize the level of English is good enough to participate in this unique event at the end of the two-week camp. In that case, Urban Campers will participate in our mini hackathon-style event with a real or fictional “secret and undisclosed” problem that we will reveal on the day.

This program is designed to encourage our Urban Campers to grow and cultivate their entrepreneurial mindset while being introduced to the inescapable world of technology.


Since no entrepreneur can survive without modern technology, we take our Urban Campers on a journey to learn some interesting digital and technical skills. This program is part of The Tech hub, which includes topics such as:


Curious about coding and the future of VR? Explore the world of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Extended Reality (XR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) followed by an introduction to VR Coding.


  • Create a VR World
  • Animate one or more objects
  • Create a mini video game in VR

Program Features:

URL with your VR World to share with your friends and family


This is a workshop within our camp and covers 3 pillars:

  • How to identify an Attack
  • Following the Data Trail
  • How to Stay Safe Online

Bonus: Our Urban Campers will be able to play a Game on the App in order to learn how to create intelligent passwords!

  • VIDEO GAMES (All Ages)

Guest Speaker: Our instructor is a professional in the industry. He will share his life as an international student, working in the Video Games Industry in Vancouver, and all opportunities in the job market. Discover how Video Games are made!


Panel: Professionals in the Movie Industry will share their experiences and some “behind the scenes” on how Movies are made. You will be able to see how Special Effects (VFX) are made and how to create VFX make-up. Curious about what real actors look like? We will see them in action! We include a visit to a green room to have a full scope of this incredible industry.


Living like a local means enjoying the city and its surroundings, rain or shine. So get ready to explore the city, hiking trails, rivers, lakes, parks, suspension bridges, farms, beaches, local neighbourhoods, and everything in between. We will take you to a nearby island and also to a day excursion to Whistler, one of the largest ski resorts in North America.

During your stay in Vancouver, you will be supporting small businesses, strolling hidden streets to find the best shops, and also ordering food from food trucks. Why not?


2 weeks


  • 9-12 (Juniors)
  • 13-15 (Teens)
  • 16-18 (Young Adults)

Who we work with

At The Urban Camp, we work with professionals who are experts in their field/industry. Most importantly, they are active and enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge, wisdom, and expertise.

We are also happy to introduce you to some of the unique local businesses that we partner with:

How do we introduce our partners?

Let’s take EVIVE (a smoothie company) and Straws N’ Stuff as examples. Both are Canadian companies that we introduce during the Wellness Lab. We use their stories and mission to educate our Urban Campers on the power of creating a product that answers people’s needs. The best part? Urban Campers will be able to try their products!

We’re always looking for new partners that share our values, so we expect the list of local businesses we collaborate with to continue to grow!

What we include

Our Camps Include:

  • Personalized e-mail account
  • Pre-camp, camp, and post-camp communication
  • Notarized Custodianship Letters
  • 2 weeks of camp. Starting on a Sunday and finishing on a Friday night.
  • Transfer from Vancouver airport (YVR) to your accommodation and from your accommodation back to YVR airport
  • Accommodation in local Homestay or Residence style
  • 3 meals per day (except on arrival and departure days)
  • Medical insurance while at the Camp
  • The Urban Camp Daily News
  • Local transportation
  • The Urban Camp Swag Bag
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Lessons + Workshops + Guest Speakers + The Urban Mini-Hackathon
  • Part-time internship (Covid-permitted)
  • All activities during the camp
  • Full-day excursions
  • 24-hour support by The Urban Camp Team
  • Food truck and food crawl on two special nights
  • Certificate
  • Farewell Party

What we do NOT include ... but could arrange

  • Extra nights fees (could be arranged for a maximum of 3 nights)
  • Unaccompanied minor pick-up/drop-off fee
  • Off-hours transfer fee (1-way if landed between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am)
  • Courier for notary letters
  • Airplane ticket
  • Personal expenses
  • Unaccompanied minor fees charged by airlines
  • Extra paid “super plus activities”
  • The Urban Camp Insurance (example: lost suitcase, lost transit pass, daily incidentals)
  • Laptops, tablets or smartphones
  • Last-minute bookings (14 days before camps start)


What's the deadline for registration and payment?

To ensure that all administrative efforts will run smoothly, all camps must be paid in full 4 weeks (28 days) prior to the camp start date.

What happens if I signed up but won't be able to attend?

For cancellation requests that arrive within the timeline stated below, we will issue you the specified refund. All cancellation requests must be received in writing, sent to, and signed by all parties in order to be considered. Refunds owing shall be paid within thirty (30) days of The Urban Camp receiving written notification.

  • 4 weeks: We issue a 100% refund if we receive your cancellation request at least thirty (30) days prior to the camp start date.
  • 3 weeks: For cancellation requests that arrive at least 21 days prior to the camp start date, The Urban Camp will keep a $500 PLUS a 50% “I am in” fee.
  • 2 weeks: For any cancellations that arrive up to 20 days prior to the start date, no refund will be issued.

I don't think my English is good enough to attend this camp. Can I still join?

We would love to have you in our camp. But first, you will have to take a minimum of 20 lessons of English pre-camp with our instructors online. These lessons are live from Canada and are delivered in a safe and low-key environment, so you can feel free to learn until you feel confident and comfortable joining this unique experience. Don’t worry; we will make sure you reach an A2 level and get you ready for the camp in Canada!

What makes you different from the other ESL camps?

We have the WOW Factor.

We understand how school and classic classrooms can make you feel. In Canada, you are on holiday. We want you to feel relaxed and enjoy your time while on vacation. Therefore practicing English in an immersive way is not only fun, but you will see more positive results than studying from a book in a classroom. Plus hey! Our Tech, Entrepreneurship and Wellness Labs are something you don’t want to miss! No matter how old you are.

Are my children going to be able to mingle with students from the other camp? (Full Experience)

Yes! And this is also where the magic happens. While our more advanced Urban Campers are in the Tech Labs, your children will be taking the English+ experience. They will get together for other workshops, activities and excursions. Even for dinner!

Can students take English+ during winter or any other season?

Yes, you can! We will be running both camps at the same time during our summer, winter and Easter camps. Any other time during the year, we host school groups!

I am a mom, and I am interested in sending my three children to your camps. Do we get a family discount?

Yes. As long as you buy the camps directly with us, we can make that happen. You can save up to $1,200! Get in touch with us, and we can send you a quote.

I would like to sell your camps to my children's friends. Do you have any affiliation programs?

Yes, we do! You can make up to $500 per registered friend. The more, the merrier! Please get in touch with us for more details.

Where do the students stay while in Vancouver?

We have two options: campus student residency (strongly recommended for minors) and Homestay.

I heard you do a culinary tour for dinner. What does this mean?

Great question! After more than 20 years in the industry, we learnt our lesson. Students don’t enjoy the “poor quality” dinner they get while staying with host families. Don’t get us wrong! Some families are better than others. But “host parents” these days both work. They want to be practical and not spend too much time cooking; plus, inflation has gone crazy! When our students stay at the campus residency, we are obliged to stop any activity around 4 pm and go back in time for dinner or else…Therefore we created a program where Urban Campers can learn and taste from other cultures. That is part of a good education and what makes them real connoisseurs. Besides, Vancouver has many cultures and cuisines to discover!