English for Small Groups


Feel digitally confident while learning English

JP brings his skills to the table by mixing two of his favorite things: English and technology. Through his classes, you’ll be presented with different tools and platforms. This course won’t only give you solid insight into the endless possibilities offered by those tools but will also provide hands-on experience. From easy PowerPoint/ Slides presentations to complex and artsy animation tools, you will get to learn and practice.

Note that this is not your typical English class. This class has been specifically designed for students who want to improve their English, but don’t necessarily want to follow a classic course format. In this class, you will learn by doing, just like you would in a typical immersive experience.

This course will solely be given in English. As you browse through different platforms, you will learn new vocabulary and be encouraged to ask questions and formulate answers. In this all English-speaking environment, we want to hear from you. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

There is no better way to learn than by speaking and practicing while having fun!




We have been slowly turning to the internet to help ourselves adapt to and keep up with the real world. With YouTube working as the eyes of the world and TikTok and Instagram dictating the trends and fads of our generation on a platform where everyone and anyone could have a voice, there is no other choice but to start stepping into this intimidating and gargantuan realm that offers a myriad of opportunities.

Our brains can only retain so much of the constant input of data we are exposed to daily, so why not start by organizing our own ideas and materializing them in this virtual cosmos. Join me on this virtual journey that will teach you the basics and key features of today’s SM videos, digital art, animation, Video editing, website creation on a platform and much more.

I will teach you the basics and advanced tools to start creating high-end illustrations. We will talk about line art, coloring, shading and lightning. We will also use this same platform to animate basic characters and give you an idea of how this software works and the multiple possibilities it presents.

Did you know that the average YouTube user watches 5 hours of video time a month? Let’s talk about making videos, making them attractive and playing with time, space and storytelling to convey a personable and compelling story. We will learn about editing videos with a very sophisticated software. Even though it is very intuitive, I will help you fast track your projects and save you lots of time when editing. Many editing software follow the same guidelines. This means that once you understand how one editing software works, it is 100 times easier to transition to a more complex software if desired/needed.

YouTube is an incredible platform that will allow you to be yourself and present your ideas to the world, and who knows, you could revolutionize the way we make videos! But like everything else, there are rules to YouTube and becoming famous. You will be learning the ins and outs of video publishing and how to help people find them.


1. “Everyday English”

Canadian Culture and Lifestyle, Conversation and Tech Affairs

ABOUT- in this course you will learn about Canadian etiquette: manners, do’s and don’ts when in Canada, public transit conduct, beautiful places to visit and fun facts about Canadians.

Culture is indisputably linked to communication and language. By learning about Canadian culture, students can organically learn and remember the vocabulary connected to it. Everyday English is a course for everybody, whether your plan is to come to Canada or to go to other English-speaking countries.

2. Tech Affairs

The importance of digital skills

The Urban Camp is well-known for our determined efforts to provide avant-garde skills that will effectively prepare children, teens and adults for the digital world. Since more and more digital skills will be required from modern job seekers, we figured we would create courses based on those in-demand skills. You’re probably already familiar with social media and emails, but do you know what search engine marketing is, or how to effectively create content meant for social media?

In this digital age, it’s hard to ignore the importance of mastering certain skills. Technology can make your life easier, but only if you feel comfortable using it effectively. There is a significant employment gap between job seekers who possess digital skills and those who don’t. It’s no surprise that those with digital skills fare much better in today’s job market. No matter how you want to approach today’s world, technology is inescapable, so let’s embrace and go get it!

Learning Objectives

1. “Everyday English”

  • You will understand the values and principles of Canadians to better fit into Canadian society if you decide to immigrate.
  • You will learn what Canadians are generally like, particularly in British Columbia.
  • You will learn everyday English vocabulary that will help you connect and participate in a great variety of contexts.

2. Tech Affairs

  • You will learn how to use software to make simple animations
  • You will understand the use of digital art tools, graphic tablets with and without screens
  • You will learn how to make videos in an engaging and fun way
  • You will learn the art of storytelling through your camera’s lens
  • You will learn the basics to create, upload and publish content on different platforms
  • You will understand a search engine platform and its multiple possibilities
  • You will be given the tools to understand how to create a website


A day in the life…

Day 1: Understand the multiple possibilities on a given platform to create a project
Day 2: How are videos really done. Learn what makes them fun and engaging
DAY 3: Storytelling
DAY 4:Understand what software is and jump into making a simple animation

DAY 5: Creation of a video. Taking Action. Promoting


Every module is composed by ten 45-minute sessions. Ideally, two sessions a week is recommended to maintain consistency.

Frequency: Twice a week.
Duration: 45 minute lesson
Number of lessons: Min 10 lessons


AGE: 10+
FORMAT: online


Online + On-Campus Hub
(Due to COVID-19, all programs are currently being held online).
Maximum number of attendees: 10


  • Gadgets: Laptop, PC, Tablets, Smartphones
  • Software and Platforms: Clip Studio Paint, Animation Desk, Autodesk Sketchbook on tablet and Autodesk Sketchbook on PC, Kinemaster on your smartphone or tablet, YouTube, Google, Wix, Seesaw


COOL FACTS: People who speak more than one language have better social skills and it’s easier for them to just talk about almost anything. Not only does speaking a second language make you more desirable when looking for a job or going to university, but it enhances your cultural horizons, being able to experience and participate in its culture (i.e. literature, music, tv shows, movies, jokes, etc.)


JP Millan

Eh Canada Language School


Is it better to practice English using books or “immersive” learning?

Between the two, immersive English is definitely the way to go. When you go to a country to speak their language, you are constantly exposed to their culture and attitudes to life. That element that seems to be secondary is really important when learning. It makes your experience way more exciting, therefore, your motivation and eagerness to learn will stay at a hundred.

Immersive English also forces shy students to communicate in the language they are trying to speak since there’s little opportunity to speak your native language. That being said, I am a strong proponent of art such as music, movies, tv shows and books as a way of learning.

Books, for instance, are amazing tools that can explain grammar points that you might be struggling with, and in the variety of forms they come out now (e.g. traditional literature, graphic novels, comic books, the news, internet articles, etc.), they can teach you something new and entertain you at the same time.

How can I improve my pronunciation?

I’m a passionate advocate of music. But you have to be pro-active about it. I recommend you find an English-speaking musician you love and sing along. Don’t stop there! Download the lyrics and translate. Try to understand the message of the song and pay close attention to the pronunciation. If you want a challenge, look for a cool fast song and see if you can keep up! =D

How long do I need to study English for?

Forever! I know this sounds absurd, but it is the truth. I am an English as a Second Language teacher and not a week goes by without leaving a new word to add to my memory palace. Like science, arts and people, languages change. They expand and evolve. They adopt words from others. It’s somewhat never-ending. But that is the fun of it. Think about this, do you know all the words in a dictionary of your mother language?

What are some good movies to help me with pronunciation when I am a beginner or an intermediate level?

I strongly believe animated movies such as Disney and Dream Works movies are great. They make an incredible effort to enunciate (pronounce words correctly) and they definitely grade (make their language easy enough for all audiences) their English to make it inclusive for children. Their script is so smart and fun that even adults can watch it and be entertained all the same.