Letter from our Founder & Director

The Urban Camp is a woman-led startup that is registered, licensed, and incorporated in Vancouver, BC.

We offer Technology, Entrepreneurship, Wellness, and Sustainability camps, courses, and workshops, primarily to the younger generation. “Mature Learners” are always welcome!

Due to the Pandemic, we have been operating online for the last two years. Nonetheless, we continue to stay strong and focused despite these adversities as we are committed to our mission of preparing the younger generation for the NOW and FUTURE.

We opened our first in-person camp this April 2022 and will continue to operate camps all year round to international students aged 10-18 and 19+ years old. Our camps run for two weeks, and the curriculum includes Technology, Entrepreneurship, Wellness + Sustainability, and Tourism.


What differentiates us from the big camp providers?

Not only the TECH factor but the fact that our camps operate as fun-filled multi-day event, adopting a concept of “Live Like a Local” in Vancouver that certainly includes everyday activities focused on Body, Mind, and Healthy eating practices. We support social equality, diversity, inclusiveness, the environment, and animal welfare and wish to instill these values in our learners.


Can’t come to Canada? No problem! We bring Canada and The Urban Camp experience to wherever you are!

Our Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Wellness Camp is designed to give you the opportunity to experience our summer camp as if you were here. Practice your English (or improve your level of English) and gain entrepreneurial, technical, and life skills and develop healthier habits through our Wellness Lab in the process.

You’ll be able to apply all these skills to your future projects and life in general.

We will meet you at “the airport” to start this experience. We use fun and engaging online platforms to simulate “metaverse-style” campuses and environments to make you feel away from home. We want you to have the experience of learning, exercising, and visiting Vancouver as if you were in Canada.

Our curriculum includes Technology, Entrepreneurship, Wellness + Fun + Tourism.

We feel strongly that The Urban Camp makes a meaningful difference in the lives of its students. We not only prepare them to be ready and relevant for the Now and the Future, but we also want them to become good healthy and responsible citizens.


Founder & CEO