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By Mariana Konsolos – Find out more about Mariana in our “About us” section!

How many times did friends share with you a brilliant idea? Sometimes they lower their voice fearing that someone is waiting to snap it from them. Years later that idea turns out into a big success and then you hear them complaining. “Someone stole my idea!” “I could have done that!” “That was my idea!” I shake my head and wonder: Do they truly believe to be the owner of the idea?

1% is about the Ideas. 99% is about Execution

I always thought the secret to success was not only about a brilliant idea but more important the actions taken by a leader to make it flourish. Since the beginning of the internet era it became obvious that information will spread fast and globally. Therefore ideas will belong, more than ever, to humanity and not to individuals.

After three decades being involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem worldwide, I observed that what truly makes ideas turn into successful ventures is 99% execution and the leaders behind them.


I always wondered why there are not more outstanding leaders with innovative ideas in each century. Why do people who understand the world in ways no others do and can see through into the future sometimes don’t become leaders?

I realized that to be an innovative leader and pave new roads for humanity it is needed to take action and possess extreme determination, conviction and discipline. The journey is difficult and challenging. It’s lonely and extensively judged.

There are endless obstacles and lots of skeptics along the way. I would guess one of the biggest challenges to overcome is the resistance of a fearful community whose sense of control relies on an unchanged status quo. They are stuck in their comfortable lives and usually do everything in their power to prevent innovation.

2022 is the year to take action

Our world presents infinite opportunities while at the same time it is more competitive than ever. We need to help and mentor our newer generations to develop what’s needed to succeed in the post-covid era.

8 keys every entrepreneur should consider to succeed in 2022

  1. Take action! It is always better done than perfect. Doing Is the only way to learn and understand the changes you need to make.
  2. Be technologically fit no matter how old you are.
  3. Your personal development is paramount. Work in relevant skills like:
    • Decision making
    • Perspective and perception
    • Leadership
    • Responsibility and ethics
    • Action/Execution
    • Innovation
    • Discipline
  4. Face fears. Learn to see them as an engine not a brake to your life.
  5. Learn new things. Never stop learning.
  6. Be curious, playful and wondrous like a kid.
  7. Get intentionally uncomfortable often. You will discover your real limits, discarding the ones your inside voice is telling you and are a lie.
  8. Take time to stop. Reflecting and meditating will allow you to listen to your body and turn knowledge into wisdom.

~ Mariana Konsolos