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Price: from $450 CAD per student for a 15-week course!

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Live from Vancouver, BC Canada

We are here to empower you and spark a wave of innovation among the future Digital Leaders of your school.

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Online Education is the FUTURE of Education.

Live, from Vancouver, BC, Canada, The Urban Camp offers online programs full of hands-on projects—an enriching addition to our curriculum that has the potential to shape the future of your students. Our online programs aim to equip your students with the essential skills and mindset to thrive in an ever-evolving world.


Learning Objectives:

Understanding the different technologies, the same ones your students will work on at some point in their careers. Examples are Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Extended Reality, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Imagine your students creating virtual reality content and 3D models, understanding coding concepts, developing video games, animating objects, and having the ability to create their resumes and portfolio.


In this course, your students will be able to learn Fundamentals of Coding, which are necessary for any Programming Language.

Animation + 3D Models

Create Animation to move objects naturally and create spaces, models and environments in 3D

Video Games

Your students will create advanced content to develop video games using Virtual Reality technology.

Computer Engineering

At the end of the course, your students will be ready to become

Computer Programmers or Computer Engineers!

Did you know Virtual Reality is one of the most sought-after skills in the labour market in the world of Technology? If you are new to it and want to learn its principles and other technologies, this course is for your school. You don’t need any previous experience in Coding to start it.


Take a look at our creations!


Our hands-on approach to this program is to empower your students with invaluable life skills.

By introducing the “Young Entrepreneurs” program, which includes creative thinking techniques, business concept development, elevator pitches, guest speakers, and pitch presentations, we aim to provide a holistic learning experience. This experience will also equip your students with an entrepreneurial mindset and the confidence to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

Our program is designed to bring out the best in each student by working individually and as a team. It is aimed to involve a final competition at the end of the program, pitching their projects to a local Canadian jury.

Learning Objectives:

Finding a Business Idea.


  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Business Ideation
  • Understanding Personal Interests and Passions
  • Identifying Problems and Needs
  • Market Research and Target Audience
  • Creative Thinking Techniques
  • Developing Business Concepts
  • The Elevator Pitch
  • Guest Speaker: Young Entrepreneurs’ Stories
  • Pitch Presentation + Feedback


These are the outcomes of teaching Design Thinking

to your students:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Empathy and understanding
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Resilience and adaptability
  • Real-world relevance
  • Critical thinking
  • Entrepreneurial mindset


Designing a Prototype



A secret and undisclosed project!

This project will be a competition and will be presented in front of local Canadian Entrepreneurs.


Intro to Marketing. Why do we teach marketing to your students?

  • To Develop Communication Skills: Marketing involves effective communication to promote products or ideas. Regardless of their chosen careers, teaching students marketing principles helps them enhance their communication skills, including verbal and written expression, persuasive techniques, and storytelling abilities.
  • To Understanding Consumer Behaviour: Marketing education provides insights into consumer behaviour, helping students grasp the motivations and needs of individuals. This knowledge enables them to understand better how products, services, and messages can meet those needs.
  • Encouraging Creativity and Innovation: Marketing involves creative problem-solving and finding unique ways to attract attention and engage an audience. Teaching marketing to your students will spark their creativity, encouraging them to think outside the box, develop original ideas, and develop innovative approaches to challenges.
  • To Promoting Entrepreneurship and Business Awareness: Marketing is a fundamental aspect of entrepreneurship and business. By introducing marketing to your students, they gain an understanding of how companies and Startups operate, the importance of market research, branding, and customer satisfaction. This knowledge can inspire and prepare them for future entrepreneurial endeavours.
  • To Developing Financial Literacy: Marketing education often touches on concepts like pricing, budgeting, and the value proposition of products and services. These lessons can help your students develop financial literacy skills, such as understanding the cost and value of goods, making informed purchasing decisions, and managing resources effectively.
  • To Promoting Ethical Awareness: Marketing education can teach students about ethical considerations, such as honesty, transparency, and social responsibility. By exploring marketing ethics, they learn to differentiate between manipulative marketing tactics and those that are fair and ethical.


Digital Literacy

Marketing increasingly occurs in digital spaces. Teaching marketing to your students exposes them to various digital marketing tools, platforms, and strategies, enhancing their digital literacy skills and preparing them for the digital world they live in.

Design + Canva

We teach design principles and use Canva (or similar platforms) to create visual assets for their business ideas.

Understanding Design Basics

Learning Objectives: to introduce the fundamental principles of design, such as balance, colour, typography, and composition.


  • Introduction to Canva (the platform) or similar
  • Designing a Logo
  • Creating a Business Presentation
  • Designing Visual Assets


You can design anything!




We are also looking for students who want to design for The Urban Camp as part of a practicum project.


15 weeks

4x per week


10 – 16 years old


Online using different innovative and interactive platforms


All our workshops are interactive and designed to work individually and as part of a group. Your students will find themselves immersed in a video-game-like platform to work with a team, we might take your students on a camping trip, and we even deliver lessons around a bonfire!

Take a look!


Our most famous program.

The experience covers a sampler of the following topics: VR Coding, Electronics, 3D Design + 3D Printing, Cybersecurity, Intro to Finances, Digital Art, Animation, English, NFTs and Other Realities, Storytelling + Pitch, Networking and Guest Speakers!

Take a look at this video!


Create an online event for friends and family where your students become Guest Speakers for the evening.


Our 15-week programs include online education, live from Canada.

All workshops are in English unless otherwise specified by the school. We also include an easy and manageable platform to communicate with our instructors in Canada, store vital information and provide one-on-one coaching.


  • 1 Instructor + 1 Assistant
  • 4 lessons a week
  • c3d platform
  • Learning Support
  • Shareable link
  • Certificate
  • Tech support


10 students: $1511 CAD per student

20 students: $805 CAD per student

Schools make $100 CAD per registered student

$0 registration fee if enrolled between September 2023 and Dec 8, 2023. Add $50 registration Fee starting January 2024.



  • 1 Instructor
  • 4 lessons a week
  • Google Drive + email account
  • Learning Support
  • One on One Meetings
  • Certificate
  • Surprises for Pitch winners!


10 students: $700 CAD per student

20 students: $450 CAD per student

Schools make $100 CAD per registered student

$0 registration fee if enrolled between September 2023 and Dec 8, 2023. Add $50 registration Fee starting January 2024.



  • Several Instructors
  • 4 lessons a week
  • Google Drive + email account
  • Learning Support
  • One on One Meetings
  • Certificate
  • Final Presentation


10 students: $800 CAD per student

20 students: $450 CAD per student

Schools make $100 CAD per registered student

$0 registration fee if enrolled between September 2023 and Dec 8, 2023. Add $50 registration Fee starting January 2024.


A Unique Opportunity!


Empower the Future of the Next Generation of Digital Leaders at Your School!

What we do NOT include

  • Extra hours for school teachers
  • Off-hours support (late night 10:00 pm and 7:00 am)
  • Equipment (laptops, tablets, smartphones)
  • Internet
  • Courier (UPS or similar to ship material)
  • Medical, house, random spaces, classroom insurance (given any accident that may occur)


What's the deadline for registration and payment?

Registration and full payment must be received by June 12th, 2022. Any registrations after this date is subject to a USD$100 last-minute fee.

What happens if I signed up but won't be able to attend?

For cancellation requests that arrive within the timeline stated below, we will issue the specified refund. All cancellation requests must be received in writing, sent to, and signed by all parties in order to be considered. Refunds owing shall be paid within thirty (30) days of The Urban Camp receiving written notification.

  • We issue a 100% refund if we receive your cancellation request at least fifteen (15) days prior to the camp start date, however, a USD$300 deposit will be kept.
  • For any cancellations that arrive up to 14 days prior to the start date, no refund will be issued.”